About Us

         One Up Communication Pvt. Ltd is registered company with government of Nepal with a purpose of promotion, Management & publishing the adverts of products & services of different nature. We are dedicated towards the promotion of our client in a manner that yields desired result for our clients as prescribed or targeted. A group of professionals people united to explore & enhance the maximum opportunities for our clients is the expertise of our team.

One Up communication comprises of team of experts from the field of technology, media, planners, marketing, monitoring and evaluation and has had its involvement in pre-press work,  conceptualizing  advertisement, placement of advertisements in leading national dailies, production  of Television commercial, Fm & Radio jingle of various organization besides  involvement in events such as 6th ECAN FAIR and 7th ECAN FAIR including ECAN FAIR POKHARA confronting and tackling various aspects of the events. The organization specializes in providing management and marketing solutions for  a diverse group of businesses trade fares, reality show, event to name few.

We have successfully concluded the 11th National  Exihibition  of Federation of Nepalese Cottage & Small Industries held at Bhrikutimandap from Baisakh 7-11.

The strength of the company lies in the commitment and expertise of its team members to understand the requirement of clients and offer need-based services and solutions that can further strengthen the reach across the diverse sections of people and market in Nepal. The commitment, expertise and vision to offer need based communication solution to our clients at competitive levels has inspired the growth of the company.

The organization visions to provide a different avenue for your organization that would be significant and effective for its establishment as a brand.


A team comprised of professional with 10 years of experience in this field is bench strength of our company. We have people working with us for conceptualization of promotional activities, making  strategic plans for the promotion, thoroughly market analysis & know how to create an impact of the product or service in the market through evolving new technologies which motivates real consumer to consume, pre publication design & other related services for the promotion. Clients  gets all under one roof without any Hassle & on time. One of our team members will be solely responsible or will be dedicated to handle the client communication besides group work.

The organization currently comprises of media planners, marketing professionals, events managers, graphic designers, web developers, creative writers, copy writers, system analysts, and communication officers.

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